Mark Lancaster MP

11 JUN 2014

MK Community Urged to Back Child Rescue Alert

I am urging the community of Milton Keynes to get behind two new government initiatives and lead the way in keeping our children safe.

The recently launched Child Abduction Hub and a Child Rescue Alert system will issue alerts via email and text message at the touch of a button when a child has disappeared and their life is at immediate risk. All you need to do is simply sign up at

This is a topic that sadly is ever present in the news and I am keen to bring these significant initiatives to the attention of every resident in Milton Keynes, including local agencies, schools, groups and organisations.

The system is the responsibility of the National Crime Agency (NCA), in partnership with Missing People.

In addition, the Child Abduction Hub is the UK's first purpose-built website providing information on dealing with child abduction. The Hub will be a key source of information on all types of child abduction, whether it's committed by a parent, a family friend or a stranger. This will help parents, teachers and other professionals make common-sense, well informed decisions on how to keep children safe.

As a father myself, I would urge you to register at to receive these alerts, which will inform you if a child has gone missing in your local area. Please sign up, you could save a child's life.

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