Mark Lancaster MP

10 JUL 2012

MP joins fellow Reservists in 'Uniform to Work Day'

Mark Lancaster is joining thousands of other Reservists in participating in 'uniform to work day' on Wednesday 27th June by wearing his Territorial Army uniform to work in the Palace of Westminster.

Uniform to Work Day is a national event when Reservists demonstrate the huge contribution that ordinary citizens can make to the Armed Forces. At a time when a group of dedicated Reservists are busy training to help support the Olympics, thousands more across the country – from gardeners to Members of Parliament – will hang up their usual work clothes and proudly don their service uniforms to show that the Armed Forces are made up of people from all sections of the community. Many of those wearing their uniforms today like Mark Lancaster will have deployed on at least one tour of duty. The annual event aims to highlight the role of the Reserve Forces in society with many people being entirely unaware that their work colleagues are active members of the Reserve forces.

Mark Lancaster MP, who is a serving Lieutenant Colonel in the Territorial Army said;

"The role of today's Reserve Forces is becoming ever more important with up to 12% of our Servicemen and Women on Operations abroad coming from the Reserves. As we look to the future it is likely that Reserves could be used even more in national events as well as is the case this Summer with the Olympics. This event is a great way of both recognising their contribution, as well fostering strong links between society and the Armed Forces."

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