Mark Lancaster MP

02 DEC 2009

MP Mark backs Recycling rewards for MK residents

Mark Lancaster has come out in support of the Conservatives new initiative to encourage recycling by rewarding vouchers. Mark is keen on keeping Milton Keynes green and thinks the voucher led incentive will encourage households in the city to recycle even more.
The voucher led initiative supported by Tesco, B &Q and BT, if introduced, is thought to increase the amount households recycle by at least 30%. Mark is very keen to see Milton Keynes at the forefront of the scheme and hopes it will see the city's carbon emissions reduce further.
Mark said, "At a time when international leaders are about to meet to try and find ways to reduce C02 emissions, I think this is a fantastic way for individuals to contribute at a household level. Milton Keynes citizens are always the first to try and stay green and I am sure the city would set a great example should the scheme come into use."

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