Mark Lancaster MP

03 JUL 2013

MP Mark's Campaign to Ban Khat set to become Law

Mark Lancaster MP is celebrating the news that his 4 year campaign to get the drug Khat banned has proved to be a success following the Governments decision today to classify the drug as a class C substance.

Mark's campaign started when he was contacted several years ago by members of the Somalian Community based in his constituency concerned by the affect the drug was having of the social cohesion and family breakdown with the community and associated health concerns.

Following meetings with his constituents, Mark has pressed for reform on numerous occasions in Parliament over the last four years including a debate in the House of Commons on the 11th January 2012 and meetings with the Home Secretary. Mark's campaign resulted in him being presented a community award for action on their behalf by the British Somali community last year.

Today's announcement by the Home Secretary highlights that the UK is out of step with the rest of Northern Europe in not banning khat and cites growing evidence that the UK is being used as a regional hub for the illegal onward trafficking of Khat.

Commenting on todays news Mark said;

"It is great news that after a long campaign the Government have listened and acted on the concerns of my constituents, this is the right decision and will be widely welcomed throughout the UK."

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