Mark Lancaster MP

25 JUL 2010

MP welcomes innovative addition to the city

Innovative technology is what Milton Keynes is becoming known for.

That is according to city MP Mark Lancaster who was impressed with the work of technology company Zeroshift, who pioneer transmission design.
The Knowlhill-based innovators got to prove their design's worth by treating the member for Milton Keynes North to a test drive in a Jaguar S-type, fitted with the Zeroshift system.

Afterwards he said: "I believe Zeroshift is an excellent example of the sort of innovative technology that we're becoming famous for here in Milton Keynes. I was tremendously impressed by the system they have developed and by the sheer drive and enthusiasm of the staff. I'm confident that they will continue to go from strength to strength."

Zeroshift has changed the face of transmission design and is set to take a major share of the £80 billion automotive transmission industry and create many local jobs for engineers and technicians.

Mr Lancaster got to experience the Zeroshift hub, which allows seamless, clutchless gear changes with no interruption in power transmission. He was also pleased to hear the system offers lower emissions.

Programme director Dr Peter Parkes said: "Milton Keynes is pushing ahead as a showcase for low carbon living, particularly with the electric vehicle project. Now this is great news both for the city, being one of only nine in the country in the Joined-Cities Plan, and also for us. You see, the efficiency of the motor in an electric vehicle falls away at both low and high speeds, so gear ratios are vital to keep the electric motor at its highest power and efficiency. This is where we come in. We can have lighter motors and smaller cheaper batteries in a vehicle that will also give greater range and faster acceleration – reducing cost and increasing market take-up."

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