Mark Lancaster MP

26 JUN 2013

MP welcomes Spending Review

Local MP Mark Lancaster has welcomed the Chancellor's Spending Round for 2015/16.

When the Government came into power it had to address one of the biggest economic crises since the Second World War. While it is never straightforward, Britain is moving out of intensive care – from rescue to recovery. This Spending Round sets out how the country will secure that recovery.

It shows how the Government will continue to cut the deficit. It prioritises investment in infrastructure to equip Britain to compete in the global race, and it ensures fairness for people who work hard and want to get on by further reforming welfare and capping welfare spending.

Mark Lancaster commented:

"Britain is moving from rescue to recovery, and today's Spending Round sets out the latest action to secure that recovery.

Conservatives will continue to cut the deficit and prioritise spending on things like roads and rail to deliver a stronger economy and to equip Britain to win in the global race. You need only look at the recently announced £10million investment from central government to dual the A421 to J13 of the M1 to see action taking place.

By protecting spending on schools and health, capping welfare and cutting waste in Whitehall it delivers for the hardworking people of Milton Keynes."

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