Mark Lancaster MP

03 SEP 2010

MP wowed by defence and aerospace manufacturer

A CITY MP has been wowed by a manufacturing company which produces missile, radar and space equipment.

Mark Lancaster visited Cobham Sensor Systems, part of Cobham Plc, where high-skilled staff produce components for air, land and marine defence and also space-qualified components for satellites.

The MP for Milton Keynes North met some of the 96 employees of the Wolverton Mill plant and saw their painstakingly-produced work, much of it destined for either defence or outer space.

Cobham Plc, a FTSE 100 company, is the third largest producer of defence and aerospace components after BA Systems and Rolls Royce. Cobham Sensor Systems has been based in Milton Keynes since 1986.

As a serving TA officer, Mark recognised much of the equipment that Cobham makes. He was pleased to learn that parts of the defence equipment he has encountered abroad were actually being made in his constituency.

Much of the work done by the company supports both UK defence and a growing international defence market.

Mr Lancaster, who put on the special overalls in order to take a tour of the clean rooms, said: "It's great to have such a high-tech business here on our doorstep. The fascinating and complex work done here has a vital purpose for the safety and security of our country.

"My visit here also proved the breadth of high-skilled manufacturing we have in Milton Keynes and I think we should encourage more of this type of production."

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