Mark Lancaster MP

26 NOV 2010

MPĀ’s dedication to MK is unquestionable

Mark Lancaster is celebrating a record week of persistent Parliament questioning.

In the last four days, the MP has asked six questions in the House of Commons chamber, based on issues raised in his constituency.

Six successive ministers have been quizzed by the Milton Keynes North MP on schooling, housing, broadband, the minimum wage and railway overcrowding.

Even a question about Afghanistan was prompted by lobbying by a group of Afghan constituents.

Thursday saw Mark Lancaster's question 'hat trick': being granted a meeting with delegates by Communities Secretary Eric Pickles over the future of the city's land assets, securing a potential debate on the city's broadband problems, and representing frustrated commuters by positing how releasing carriages could ease overcrowding on the mainline.

According to, Mr Lancaster's Parliamentary appearances are 'well above average amongst MPs'.

He said: "I believe Parliamentary questioning is truly effective and that is why I continue to press the Government in order to serve the people of Milton Keynes. Constantly standing up in a bid to catch the Speaker's eye is well worth it: this week we have secured a meeting with a Minister over land assets, a potential debate on our broadband problems, and put some very important issues on the Government's radar. In my experience I have found if you pursue something for long enough you can get great results."

On Monday Mr Lancaster quizzed the Government over the 'grey area' in employment law which stops people with learning disabilities earning 'therapeutic wages'.

He followed that with a question to the Prime Minister following his statement on NATO, about capacity building in Afghanistan.

On Wednesday he put school admissions on the agenda of Education Secretary Michael Gove following the admissions chaos in the city.

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