Mark Lancaster MP

27 MAY 2015

New Vision for RelateMK

Mention Relate and the public perception is still firmly entrenched as being "marriage guidance". Relate MK want to change this opinion and look at ways in which to alter this very outdated view.

With over 5000 counselling sessions delivered each year to individuals, couples, families and young people in Milton Keynes, Relate like all charities, is finding sustainable funding tough.

Most people encounter a relationship related problem at some time in their life and these can stem from separation/divorce, bereavement/loss, sexual problems, family issues and problems at work. As Milton Keynes continues to rapidly expand its population, Relate has to recognise the changing needs and adapt to its fair share of challenges.

I recognise their dilemma and made a point of visiting the team in Wolverton to discuss ways on how to raise awareness for their wide range of services. Keith Lewington, Chair of Relate MK said "The demands for professional relationship support are ever increasing as the population of Milton Keynes grows and changes. Mark's insights with regard to how Relate MK needs to evolve were extremely useful.

I know that Relate is an extremely resourceful service and has supported many in times of crisis. Without sustainable funding and discovering new ways in which to work in partnership, we could see this vital service diminish. Not something I want to contemplate and I will be offering my support to help them go forward.

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