Mark Lancaster MP

17 JUL 2012

NHS budget will reflect population growth says Lansley

Mark Lancaster has today spoken in parliament and quizzed the Secretary of State for Health to ensure that healthcare funding in Milton Keynes will reflect the increase in population.

Following the publication of the 2011 Census figures, which saw a 17% rise in population in Milton Keynes over the past 10 years, Mark asked the Secretary of State for reassurance that funding for the city will reflect the increase in population size.

The question follows on from Mark's campaign several years ago for Milton Keynes to have funding figures more representative of the changing demographic in populations. The campaign saw an increase in funding per head from central government following an oversight in the funding formula applied, an extra £10.3million in real terms was received.

Mark said "I am pleased to have been able to raise this issue so quickly after the figures were released and encouraged that the Secretary of State has confirmed that they will be taking the increase in population growth into consideration. It is crucial we never end up in a position where the funding dips below what we need in MK again and this is made even more important following the release of the Census."

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