Mark Lancaster MP

29 FEB 2016

'Not-So-Legal Highs' Campaign

In January this year, Parliament passed legislation banning the sale and distribution of New Psychoactive Substances (NPS), commonly known as 'Legal Highs'.

The law is designed to protect our communities against the proliferation of 'designer drugs' most of which, at first sight, look very innocent. Some actually have packaging that resemble that of well-known sweets.

The 'Not-So-Legal Highs' campaign has been launched in partnership with MK Council, Thames Valley Police, Compass and my office. On the 17th March, at MK College Campus on Silbury Boulevard there will be a "Parents Evening" to offer advice, support and guidance. Further plans include visits to schools to present the dangers and associated consequences of taking these drugs.

Following several meetings with constituents affected by NPS, I hope this campaign will alert parents and young people to the dangers of the drugs, where they can get meaningful information and practical support. For more information about the campaign, please contact my office on 01908 686830 or email me at

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