Mark Lancaster MP

18 NOV 2010

PM reassures MP on business help

THE Prime Minister has pledged further help for Milton Keynes small businesses, following a national rise in employment.

Mark Lancaster, who posed the opening question at yesterday's packed PMQs on the subject, said: "Small businesses in Milton Keynes are still concerned about both the cost and the bureaucracy of taking on extra workers."

It follows the announcement that the jobseeker claimant count is down by 3,700 on the month, unemployment as defined by the International Labour Organisation is down by 9,000 on the quarter, and employment is up by 167,000 on the quarter.

David Cameron told Mr Lancaster that the Coalition is cutting the small business rate of corporation tax, adopting a 'one in, one out' rule so that new regulations will be limited, and providing a new enterprise capital fund to provide additional equity finance.

The PM added: "We need to do all those things, but I think we also need to do more to help small businesses to take people off the unemployment register and put them back into work."

Mr Lancaster said after the debate: "It is great to see that people are getting back into work. But I'm glad the PM recognises we need to do more. Meanwhile, all these measures to help small businesses are vital. They are key to our recovery from the recession and I hope to feed this information back to the many local entrepreneurs and business people who have contacted me over the past few months."

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