Mark Lancaster MP

18 JAN 2011

Pro peace MP views Gaza exhibition

A thought-provoking exhibition depicting the turbulence in Gaza 'makes the most powerful case for peace', Mark Lancaster has said.

On Friday, he went to see Loss of Innocence, a display which comprises children's pictures of the 2009 upheaval in the city.

The Central Library display, put on by MK Palestine Solidarity and supported by Rabbis for Peace, shows the conflict through the eyes of children.

The Milton Keynes North MP met with the organisations' representatives David Duff and Rabbi Weiss as he looked at the 50 pieces of art, smuggled out of Gaza in 2009.

The UNESCO-supported exhibition intends to illustrate the children's experiences of conflict and hopes for the future.

Mr Lancaster said: "This is a really thought-provoking exhibition and it is moving to see the conflict from children's perspective. The immediate conclusion everyone draws from this is that peace is paramount in this region. As someone who is not vehemently on either side of the Palestinian or Israeli argument, but simply pro peace, I think this exhibition is something everyone should make an effort to go and see."

The exhibition will be in Milton Keynes Central Library until January 29.

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