Mark Lancaster MP

27 MAY 2015

Queen's Speech

Today has marked the 62nd Queen's Speech where she performed the State Opening of Parliament for the newly elected Conservative Government.

This inaugural speech wasted no time in setting the Conservative agenda for the upcoming Parliamentary year and a number of of key policies were outlined which will have significant impact on Milton Keynes.

A Bill was announced, to increase the tax free allowance to ensure people working 30 hours a week on the minimum wage will not pay any income tax and deliver a five-year tax lock, meaning there will be no income tax, VAT or National Insurance rises in this Parliament, a key promise of the new Conservative Government.

The Help to Buy scheme will continue to provide families with the opportunity to get a foot on the housing ladder, a scheme that has proved to be extremely popular in MK.

A Bill was also announced today which will extend the Right to Buy initiative to tenants of housing associations and new measures to boost house building across the country. Evidence of this initiative is already in MK with sites such as the Western Flank and Broughton, were new homes are being built to accommodate our ever expanding city.

Unemployment has steadily fallen in MK since 2010 from 5% to 2% and a further Bill announced today, aims to increase jobs nationally by 2 million and apprenticeships by a further 3 million. Myself and Iain Stewart have always taken a proactive view on job creation and as founders of the MK Jobs Show we relish the fact that we now see thousands of people attending every year.

All these proposed Bills will be a great first step for a majority Conservative Government and some crucial Bills have been proposed today. For MK, I see these steps as positive changes, continuous improvement and a message for the decisive development of our great City"

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