Mark Lancaster MP

24 JUN 2015

Supporting Armed Forces Day

Leading by example, I'm very proud to be wearing my uniform to work at the Ministry of Defence on Reserves day.

As part of Armed Forces Week, Reserves Day is when reservists are encouraged to wear their uniform to work to help promote, celebrate and support the role of Reservists in today's society.

Recently appointed as Minister for Defence Personnel after the General Election, I'm still serving as a Lt Colonel in the Royal Engineers having previously seen active service in Kosovo, Bosnia and Afghanistan.

I'm delighted to be able to champion the role of our Reserves and I'm sure many people will have been surprised to have seen colleagues turn up to work in uniform today. Reserves play an integral role in our Armed Forces and it is absolutely right that we should be celebrate their achievements. I'm also particularly grateful to all those employers who recognise the skills that serving as a Reserve can bring to their business and have signed the corporate covenant supporting not only our reserves but our regular serving personnel and veterans.

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