Mark Lancaster MP

05 APR 2016

Taking Action Against Legal Highs

Last month I spoke of our local campaign to eradicate 'Legal Highs' in MK. The first meeting held at MK College, described as a 'Parents Evening', proved to be standing room only with Thames Valley Police, myself, Iain Stewart MP, MK Council, Compass and OneMK presiding.

The law is designed to protect our communities against the proliferation of 'designer drugs' most of which, at first sight, look very innocent, some are cleverly designed to resemble that of well-known sweets.

Clearly an emotive subject, it was encouraging to meet those who want to eradicate the powerful hold these drugs have on young lives. Detective Inspector Ian Jarvis and Jo O'Connor, Assistant Director at Compass, confirmed they are developing a pack that will be sent out to schools across the city, one has already been trialled at Shenley Brook End School.

Miss O'Connor said: "Some schools fear that if they let us do a talk at their school it gives the impression there is a drug problem there, but we actually want to reach out and educate, which is why we are developing this pack."

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