Mark Lancaster MP

30 OCT 2012

The future is looking green for Wolverton

The future is looking green for Wolverton as it played host to local businesses looking to make it a more energy efficient and eco-friendly place to live.

The Future Energy show was used to launch the E-Car scheme which sees Wolverton pilot the scheme for this Government backed project. Wolverton will play host to seven electric cars which will be available for the whole community to use. The easy pay-as-you-go system enables local people to book online and takes away the responsibility of car ownership.

The show was a chance for local businesses to showcase how Victorian housing can be made to be as eco-friendly and energy efficient as newly built housing. This was demonstrated by the showcasing of the Town Planners eco-house which has been modified to be as energy efficient as possible.

Mark Lancaster, MP for Milton Keynes North, said: 'This is a very exciting time for Wolverton and this weekend has just proven that they have their fingers on the pulse. The Energy show was a fantastic chance to show case the innovative work which is being undertaken by the Town Planning Team. The future of Wolverton really is looking bright and green.'

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