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07 JUL 2015

UK's first 'nil-bill' passivhaus opens in MK

I was very proud to officially open the UK's first nil-bill passivhaus in Hanslope, Milton Keynes.

Cedar Barn is a nil-bill zero carbon sustainably built home generating three times the electricity it requires, meaning no more electricity bills. The surplus energy is enough to run an electric car for free!

MK based, Deluxe Developers, have completed the UK's first zero carbon Code level 6, solar powered passivhaus. Built in a traditional style, bringing cutting edge technology and a new era of building methodology to MK.

The low water requirements mean that you can create a home that sells its power back to the grid offsetting costs and run a 5000 sq. ft. property for free, using just the sun!

Richard Green, MD of Deluxe Developers has worked closely with NHBC to achieve the highest level under the code for sustainable homes. Cedar Barn achieved a code rating of six out of six stars being highly sustainable and zero carbon. The house, is of passivhaus standard, the core focus of which is to dramatically reduce the necessity for space heating and cooling.

Richard set about designing a house which did not add to the national grid which demanded more and more electricity but offered a sustainable solution with solar power, utilising principally sustainable materials.

Richard said "For too long we have continued to build high demand energy consuming homes. The premise that zero carbon houses have to be whacky or of unusual design to achieve the governments zero carbon target for 2016 have now been put to bed. With our traditional style concept we have proved in Cedar Barn that with self-sufficient energy, sustainable built homes are now achievable for large scale development in a viable and affordable format."

With the concept of 'Nil-Bill' energy saving future homes now a reality, Deluxe Developers are currently finalising the plans on the very first zero carbon nil-bill site.

On cutting the ribbon, it was clear to me how much research, passion and commitment has gone into this incredible project and I commend Richard for creating a home that I hope, will be recognised by the industry as the way forward for future house building.

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