Mark Lancaster MP

17 FEB 2015

Update: GP Surgery for Willen

The Willen Surgery unexpectedly closed in April 2013 and consequently I immediately wrote to Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health, with 377 names campaigning for the re-opening of the surgery.

After many months of meetings and on-going negotiations, I have also, following a recent public meeting, written to Aviva, the owners of the property and the HCA. Subsequently, it finally appears that progress is being made and there is hope of a positive announcement in the not too distant future.

We've all been deeply frustrated at the painful progress of reinstating local access to a GP at Willen.

I'm pleased that there is a consensus that access could be possible as part of a larger consortium to ensure resilience and providing it falls within the strategic plan for MK, NHS England will not object in principle.

Having written now to both the HCA and the owners to try and ensure the site is maintained as a surgery, I'm hopeful the pieces are finally falling into place. I will continue to work hard on behalf of my constituents to deliver the resolution we all want to see. I do, however, hope that everybody will continue to work together in the interests of the Willen residents.

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