Mark Lancaster MP

19 SEP 2014

Welcoming the 'No' vote - Time for Change

I've welcomed the news that Scotland has voted 'No' in the referendum meaning that it will stay part of the United Kingdom, but I've added my voice to those calling for equality for England.

During the campaign all three party leaders agreed that further powers should be devolved to Scotland, such as the right to set its own levels of income tax under the so called 'Devo-max' arrangements meaning that the only country now in the union not to have any devolved powers will be England. 

Over two years ago, in January 2012, I asked Nick Clegg "Given the economic implications of an independent Scotland for my constituents, when will the English finally get a say on the future of the Union".

I'm pleased that Scotland has decided to stay part of the Union but it is equally important that if we are to devolve more power then we ensure equality for England. I don't believe that we need a separate parliament for England but I do believe that now is the time for Scottish MP's to stop voting on English only matters such as the NHS. Scotland has spoken, now it's time to ensure fairness in the democratic system across the United Kingdom.

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