Mark Lancaster MP

08 OCT 2014


The Ice Bucket Challenge went to another level when I was invited to tip a bucket of water over 85 year old MND campaigner, Brian Wilson!

Brian invited Iain Stewart MP and I to the Peartree Centre for lunch to meet those who live with MND and their carer's. One particular topic was on the agenda; communication.

Technology plays a crucial role for those who can no longer communicate and this was demonstrated via the use of an IPad. This source of communcation is now more widely available thanks to the succesful £6m fundraising campaign for the MND Association.

During the visit Iain and I also added our signatures to the MND Charter which outlines the rights of People with MND, which already has 200,000 signatures.

Neurone Disease (MND) is a devastating, degenerative neurological disease that affects about 5,000 people in the UK at any one time. People with MND will, in varying sequences and combinations, lose the ability to speak, swallow and use their limbs. There is no cure, and half of people with the disease die within 14 months of diagnosis.

Having already been doused in ice cold water myself, I commend Brian for his bravery! The MND Association in MK works tirelessly to support those living with the condition and I was very impressed with the incredible support available for all those who need it.

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